General Information & Deadlines

Abstracts MUST be submitted electronically via the online submission system by the given deadline of 31 August 2021, 23:59 CET. Abstracts received via fax, e-mail or received after the deadline will not be accepted and therefore will not be considered for the program or publication.

  1. Abstracts may be submitted for the following scientific topics. With each abstract submission, two topics can be selected: 
    • NRW Assessment and Strategy Design
    • Leak Detection technologies, strategies, equipment
    • Network Zoning and DMA Design
    • Smart Water Networks
    • Performance Based NRW Management Contracts
    • Organizational and Institutional Issues
    • Economics and Financing
    • Capacity building and HR issues
    • Asset management
    • Pressure Management
    • Customer Metering
    • Relevant IT solutions
    • International Case Study
    • Any other topic
  2. A preferred presentation method should be selected during the submission from the following options:
    • Oral
    • Poster
    • Oral/Poster
    • Suggestion for Workshop
    • Suggestion for Panel Discussion
  3. Abstracts can be amended in the online submission system prior to the submission deadline of 31 August 2021. After the submission deadline, all abstracts will be automatically considered to be fully submitted and will proceed to the peer review.
  4. The number of submitted abstracts per one submitter/author is not limited.
  5. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Programme Committee, who will consider their formal aspects and content. The Committee will decide which abstracts will be accepted and may reconsider the final presentation type and topic selection.
  6. All presenting authors will be notified of the abstracts evaluation results by 25 September 2021.
  7. All presenting authors are obliged to register for the meeting by 31 October 2021.

Abstract Formatting

  1. All abstracts must be written in English.
  2. When submitting your abstract, consider and choose the appropriate scientific topic and the presentation method.
  3. The abstract title is limited by 25 words and must be submitted using sentence case (e.g. This is the title of my abstract).
  4. Number of co-authors is not limited. The presenting author is selected first; other authors can be added only when the presenting author is submitted. However, the author order can be changed if needed by swapping the names in the list of the authors. The first name is always considered to be the main author.
  5. Short biography of the presenting author (max 100 words) is required.
  6. Authors will be asked to submit
    • I. A brief abstract summary – max 100 words, can include a picture (see picture upload guide below)
    • II. Full abstract in PDF – 500-1000 words, including figures, diagrams or illustrations)
      Please headline your text with the following information:
      • Topic (choose one from the list)
      • Title of presentation
      • Author’s name and affiliation, email address (if more authors, highlight the corresponding author)
      • Author’s country (country where the author is based at present)
      • Three keywords (to help with easy identification)

Picture Upload Guide

Up to 1 picture/chart/table can be included within the abstract text. (Please check the step-by-step picture upload guide below.) They must be saved in JPG.

  • Place the picture title within the abstract in the location where the picture should appear (see 1 in the slide below). Click the “Picture Insert” icon to start the upload process (see 2 in the slide below).

  • Click the “Upload” button (see 1 in the slide below) and select the picture you wish to insert from your computer. It will be uploaded to the insert image gallery (see 2 in the slide below).

  • Select the corresponding picture (see 1 in the slide below), copy the picture title into the “Alternate Text” field (see 2 in the slide below) and add the picture dimensions (one size is enough) (see 3 in the slide below) and confirm the selection with the ”Insert” button. (see 4 in the slide below) (width 300px = approx. 7cm wide)

  • When the picture is uploaded, the correct location and size can be checked. If you wish to change the dimensions you can simply delete the inserted picture and upload it once again with a different size.

Please contact the Water Loss 2022 Scientific Programme Department for any assistance.